Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wing Chun Supply Latest Imports

We have just unpack and unboxed a batch of new stocks that have been all pre-ordered by our customers. This is the first time we unpack and instal the wall mounted dummy. Me as a wing chun practitioner, personally tried it. I love it very much. The rates and comments for this dummy is,
Its much better than the floor mount dummy that I previously had. WHY? its because the of the feed back  from the dummy that was created by our hits. What I mean by that is, it has a springy bounce back as the 2 bard that hang them on the frame is a very elastic wood that when you hit them, the dummy will bounce back and creates more sound compare to an ordinary dummy. Besides that, it also absorb our force much better that will not hurt our hands and leg too much as much of the force we put in will be absorb and rebound into the dummy bouncing effects to neutralize our force. But obviously this dummy's price is higher than the floor suction ones. If budget allows and place allows, this is a good choice. if not its still the space saving floor suction dummy is still the top selling ones

Besides the dummies, we also have brought in some of these toys for personal training and to sell next round on our orders. Its a good training gloves. Stylish and comfortable. Also We now got focus mitts for training and selling in a very reasonable price

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  1. May I ask what is the dimension of the frame height vs base width?