Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wing Chun Supply Latest Imports

We have just unpack and unboxed a batch of new stocks that have been all pre-ordered by our customers. This is the first time we unpack and instal the wall mounted dummy. Me as a wing chun practitioner, personally tried it. I love it very much. The rates and comments for this dummy is,
Its much better than the floor mount dummy that I previously had. WHY? its because the of the feed back  from the dummy that was created by our hits. What I mean by that is, it has a springy bounce back as the 2 bard that hang them on the frame is a very elastic wood that when you hit them, the dummy will bounce back and creates more sound compare to an ordinary dummy. Besides that, it also absorb our force much better that will not hurt our hands and leg too much as much of the force we put in will be absorb and rebound into the dummy bouncing effects to neutralize our force. But obviously this dummy's price is higher than the floor suction ones. If budget allows and place allows, this is a good choice. if not its still the space saving floor suction dummy is still the top selling ones

Besides the dummies, we also have brought in some of these toys for personal training and to sell next round on our orders. Its a good training gloves. Stylish and comfortable. Also We now got focus mitts for training and selling in a very reasonable price

Various Boxing Gloves. Including MMA Gloves

The UnBoxing Process

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The New Dummy Model Avaiable in our web store have recently get new distributorship and brought in new Wing chun/ving tsun wooden dummies offered by this manufacturer. Manufactured from China with high quality wood and premium quality finishing. Weight up to 60kg and now even more portable and space saving.

This wooden dummy is a flexible dummy that the hands can be assemble same height which is the Ip Man style wing chun and also it can be assemble to upper and lower possitions of the arms to fit other wing chun practitioners

The Dummy base is now much smaller and its all ready to be mounted to ground via wall plug or it comes with suction cup FOC for a mountless wooden dummy options

Dummy Hands and legs in a closer view

The wooden Dummy hand and legs Pins

What make it worth is, the leg is a whole wood. No joining of two pieces that may result to a split broken some times

Wooden Dummy Pads Available sold saperately

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tips on choosing your wooden dummy

Choosing a wooden dummy for your essential wing chun/ving tsun training is not a really tough thing. But there is certain consideration that you need to take care of.

the thing you need to consider about when having one is how much can you occupy for the dummy to stand there. Many practitioners stays in apartment or condo which only allows limited space. So getting some thing occupying less space and not too heavy is essential. Where in the other hand, if you have big training ground, having some thing heavy and bulky has not much effect

Wooden dummy arms should be as the same height as practitioner's shoulder height when you stand on your "ma bo" (horse stand). Any thing higher or lower may result inaccurate postures build up during training. Therefore, know your height and you must need to know if you need to customized the height of the wooden dummy for your own use. At our store, we do supply wooden dummy that is custom made for certain height

Wood Quality
Some are pretty particular about wood type and quality. Many now don't as long as it is a wooden dummy. Being picky in wood quality creates many questions for example, how long could it last and will it be eaten by moth and stuff. To answer that, Unless you want to put your dummy under the rain and sun, If not why pay so much for the wood quality. Many wooden dummy owners now keep it well stored and away from sun expose and rain. So need not to worry about the moth and etc.. As most of the dummies in the market now is properly treated with anti moth and leker finishing. SO it would really last.

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Recent Wooden Dummy Importing

As Malaysian getting more into the wing chun influence, more and more are keen about having wooden dummy at home for practicing. We recently undergone our import of 4 sets free standing spring base wooden dummy and 1 wall mount wooden dummy from schools student of the Austin Goh WC and others.. Waiting for the arrival and and wait for our nest post on what clients have to say about our products

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Friday, August 28, 2009

All Range Of Wooden Dummy

We have a wide range of Wing Chun/Ving Tsun wooden dummy supply. Below are some of our pictures displayed. Any things that are not found below, does not mean we dont have it. We produce and source for any things that our clients need in a reasonable price and we deliver it without charges in Malaysia. Send in your request for special enquiries

On Picture, Free Standing Frame Wooden Dummy FREE DELIVERY Malaysianwide

Floor Mount or Free Standing Dummy Free Delivery Malaysianwide

Free Standing Spring Base Dummy. Dummy training wont be boring anymore as this dummy react to your attack. FREE DELIVERY Malaysianwide

Wall Mount With Frame Dummy Free Delivery Malaysianwide