Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tips on choosing your wooden dummy

Choosing a wooden dummy for your essential wing chun/ving tsun training is not a really tough thing. But there is certain consideration that you need to take care of.

the thing you need to consider about when having one is how much can you occupy for the dummy to stand there. Many practitioners stays in apartment or condo which only allows limited space. So getting some thing occupying less space and not too heavy is essential. Where in the other hand, if you have big training ground, having some thing heavy and bulky has not much effect

Wooden dummy arms should be as the same height as practitioner's shoulder height when you stand on your "ma bo" (horse stand). Any thing higher or lower may result inaccurate postures build up during training. Therefore, know your height and you must need to know if you need to customized the height of the wooden dummy for your own use. At our store, we do supply wooden dummy that is custom made for certain height

Wood Quality
Some are pretty particular about wood type and quality. Many now don't as long as it is a wooden dummy. Being picky in wood quality creates many questions for example, how long could it last and will it be eaten by moth and stuff. To answer that, Unless you want to put your dummy under the rain and sun, If not why pay so much for the wood quality. Many wooden dummy owners now keep it well stored and away from sun expose and rain. So need not to worry about the moth and etc.. As most of the dummies in the market now is properly treated with anti moth and leker finishing. SO it would really last.

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Recent Wooden Dummy Importing

As Malaysian getting more into the wing chun influence, more and more are keen about having wooden dummy at home for practicing. We recently undergone our import of 4 sets free standing spring base wooden dummy and 1 wall mount wooden dummy from schools student of the Austin Goh WC and others.. Waiting for the arrival and and wait for our nest post on what clients have to say about our products

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