Thursday, June 23, 2011

The New Dummy Model Avaiable in our web store have recently get new distributorship and brought in new Wing chun/ving tsun wooden dummies offered by this manufacturer. Manufactured from China with high quality wood and premium quality finishing. Weight up to 60kg and now even more portable and space saving.

This wooden dummy is a flexible dummy that the hands can be assemble same height which is the Ip Man style wing chun and also it can be assemble to upper and lower possitions of the arms to fit other wing chun practitioners

The Dummy base is now much smaller and its all ready to be mounted to ground via wall plug or it comes with suction cup FOC for a mountless wooden dummy options

Dummy Hands and legs in a closer view

The wooden Dummy hand and legs Pins

What make it worth is, the leg is a whole wood. No joining of two pieces that may result to a split broken some times

Wooden Dummy Pads Available sold saperately